sunnuntai 18. marraskuuta 2012

Do Tank Helsinki 2012 To end with some words

Some days ago we started with some words.
Now let´s try to end with some words (even the verb to end is not approriate at all, this all just continues...)

Questions, thoughts, responses etc:
"When a tree falls in a forest and no one sees it, did it really happen?"
Considering and re-considering attention and doing and not-doing.

Gaining (and sharing) understanding how much society and our lives as humans are influenced also by non-humans and all different kinds of connections, relations, consequences, layers, networks, dialoques and attachments, that are existing, constantly moving, changing, dying and being born.

Also how much organisational part influences the artwork and the festival.

How aware are you of different relations and connections? How aware you´d like to be or how much you´d like to know?  How much you should know? How do you define your own responsibility?As an artist? As a human being?

Being influenced and inspired by the pondering of what is the activist part of art? my art?

The growing interest in collecting practices & observations and willingness to share them.

Bruno Latour and his influence.

Art as an agent of change.

Questioning how much art thinking and it´s changing paradigmas are spreading outside the art context? How much you´d need them to spread? Who else would need them to spread? How do you know?

maanantai 12. marraskuuta 2012

Sun 11 Nov the Workshop Performance as a meeting point for humans and non humans lead by Tuija Kokkonen and Sami Säynevirta

How is it to bring together art and activism?
How are art making (artistic process and methods) different from the methods in activism or where are the similarities?

What happens when you open your focus from the just looking at human beings and their actions in the world to a wider picture and include also interactions and dialogues between the humans, non -humans and the environment.

Sun 11 Nov at the Do Tank afternoon after Tuija and Sami have talked we were given an opportunity to try one task outside.
Go out, find something that is non-human, built by human. How is that thing, it´s quality and rhytm? Take some time to observe that and create a response to it.

All photographs: Annuska Dal Maso

Sun 11 Nov Mediations at the Festival: Performative Comment

 The time it takes

to fall asleep
to get up and go
to get to know a person
to get to know your environment
to build a home
to leave your home

The time it takes
for the nature to heal,
to put up a tent,
for someone to die
something to die

to listen to words
bodies to think
money to talk

The time it takes
to answer a mail
to send one sms
to visit someone
to read a book
to find yourself in a picture
to find others
to understand
to collaborate

to change a law
to change a habit or an old thinking pattern
for grass to grow, leaves to fall, skin to change, snow to come, news to break, 
people to meet

to stop a war
to save the world
to forget these words
to remember
to breath 

                                                 photographs Annuska Dal Maso

lauantai 10. marraskuuta 2012

Saturday 10 Nov Sauna lecture 2 Barbara Balsei: Just Imagine

The difference between speaking and talking
actuality and reality
utopia and reality.
How do you know you are thinking now?

My actuality meeting with your actuality

I like that!

Thinking from your heart.
Look at me now!

Photographs: Annuska Dal Maso

perjantai 9. marraskuuta 2012

Friday 9 Nov Sleep for Africa

Close your eyes -  open your wallet.

How much would you pay
for a 5 minute sleep or for 5 hours?

How do you sleep?
Who would you sleep for?
Who needs your sleep?

Here and now?
Somewhere else or another time?
At home?
photographs: Annuska Dal Maso

torstai 8. marraskuuta 2012

Thursday 8 Nov Public Movement Debriefing Session Helsinki

One of them became an agent.
One of us became an agent.
What´s the difference?

Life between performative acts and political agendas,
from personal strategies to hierarchical structures,
public secrets and collective pressure.
A Finnish woman walks out from a hotel and thinks it was like from a film.
How to understand other peoples realities? Really.

All photographs: Annuska Dal Maso

Thursday 8 Nov Sauna Lecture Kviss Bumm Bang

Kviss Bumm Bang: Idealists and fools?
ARLA sauna, Helsinki

Put your heart above your brain.
What happens when people unknown to each other wear one social layer less - instead of clothes just having towels around their bodies. How does it change the listening to a lecture? How is a sauna cabin working as a lecture space? The heat bringing silently sweat drops on your skin.
Sharp thinking, funny moments and questions about the norms.

All photographs: Annuska Dal Maso